The office provides its customers including commercial companies, groups andestablishments, businessmen, etc. all legal consultancies regarding meetings,discussions, etc.; so that to give legal recommendations required for the workbefore taking any procedure. The office advises its customers regardingregulations and laws prevailing in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia; this is inaddition to related bylaws explaining related items, articles and any newdevelopments of amendments. It provides the customer with the options, legalconsultancy, lawful recommendations of all works.The office provides support for the forging investors through providing legalrecommendations and consultancies regarding followed regulations in therelated countries regarding capital amount , tax , statement of the rights of theforeign investor suggesting legal solutions for addressing any legal problemsfacing the foreign investor. The office prepares the contracts of the foreigninvestment and partnership whether the project is foreign all together or mixed.The office works to register such contracts, issued licenses , commercialregistrations for the foreign investor and represent it in front of concernedgovernment and non-government authorities in the related countered in thisregard.

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