Preparing contracts and forming them including and not restricted
to the following:
The office prepares all kinds of contracts required by customers; this shall
take place after attending the meetings necessary with the contract parties
agreeing on the contract items and conditions. The office may provide the
legal solutions before and after preparing the contracts in this regard
including and not restricted to the following:

1- Forming the settlement agreements.
2- Forming the commercial companies articles in incorporation of all
types, following up procedures of registration and establishment,
obtaining industrial licenses from the government authorities; this is in
addition to contracts of stock companies establishment, preparing the
minutes of general meetings (ordinary and extraordinary).
3- Preparing commercial contracts, int’l formalities of commerce,
commerce agencies contracts and registering them.
4- Industry contracts.
5- Contracting contracts in all types, engineering consultancy contracts
and supervising contracts.
6- Investment contracts.
7- Preparing employment agreement for employees inside the companies,
bylaws of the companies and related employees.

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